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Latest Features:

Free SSL Certificate
Lighting Fast Page Optimization for SEO
Easy-Click Design Modules so anyone can make changes on the fly
Shopping Cart
Sell Your products Online. All Packages come with a free 10 product shopping cart. Additional Products are available. 

No need to write down any phone numbers, with click-to-call potential and existing customers can contact your business with just the touch of one button on their smartphones. 

Mobile Maps
Ensures that your customers will always be able to find their way to your door with clear maps.

Yelp Reviews
Yelp reviews inspires confidence in your business and assures customers that your business is the right choice.

Business Hours
Customers needs to know when you open and close. Adding your business hours to your mobile website is a must because people need to schedule their time wisely.

Restaurant Menu
Own a fine dining restaurant? Format your delicious menu compatible for the small screens of smartphones. Having your menu on your mobile website lets hungry diners have a chance to browse your menu and make a decision on what they want to order before heading in for a bite to eat.

Great for letting customers know where your stores or offices are spread out across a geographic region.

Social Icons
Boost customer engagement and loyalty by adding links to your social media pages to your mobile site. Easy-Click Website Design Offers Advanced Integrations. Easy-Click websites are compatible with all smartphone platforms and are integrated with the following platforms for increased online visibility for your business and instant accessibility for your customers. 

Google Maps
Location is key and customers always need directions to your company in order to visit you and render your services. Google Maps offers easy-to-read maps and gives instant directions on a customer’s mobile device, so that they can get to your business as quickly as possible.

Open Table
For those who own restaurants, Open Table offers real-time online restaurant-reservation services for customers who want to dine at your restaurant.

Easy Payments
Having the option of paying directly with a credit card from your website will significantly increase customer sales. 

Constant Contact and MailChimp
Business marketing suite of tools help you reach, engage, and build your clientele through email alerts, events, and social media.

Have a your own Facebook mobile page of your website posted for all Facebook users to see and interact with. There are millions of Facebook users who search for businesses and services from their smart phones. Imagine how many more new customers you can get by just having a Facebook mobile page? Hundreds, even thousands of new customers can find your Facebook mobile page and instantly connect to your business.

With just one tweet from a happy customer, you can increase your brand awareness and gain more customers because nowadays everyone takes to Twitter. With customers tweeting about a business, restaurant, or service, this alerts others about your company and brings in more profits.

Any commercials or videos you have that promotes your company, can easily be viewed on YouTube and this adds pizzazz and credibility when people watch videos on what your company has to offer.

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