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Graphic Design Phoenix

Graphic and Logo Design

Does your business need a company logo that best represents you to capture the attention of your target audience?

Do you already have a logo, but require it to be placed on your company business cards, email news letters, mailers, and your website?

Well You Have Come to the Right Place. You Can Depend on Phoenix, Arizona’s Premier Graphic Design Services

As a small business owner, there are a million and one things to address during your day-to-day activities and graphic design is probably not one of them. However at Easy-Click Web Design, we believe that utilizing a professional graphic designer is a crucial step in establishing an online presence. Here are some reasons why Easy-Click's Graphic Design can benefit your company.

Easy-Click Graphic Design Brings Your Ideas to Life

You have all these ideas for a company logo etched on scrap pieces of paper and in your head, but you don’t have the time or design skills to bring it to life. Easy-Click transforms your ideas into visually appealing logos that represents your company well.

Easy-Click Graphic Design Makes Your Company Look Professional

If a company doesn’t have a logo, it gets lost in the shuffle because most people base their decision to purchase a product or service based on how a company jumps out at them. At Easy-Click we design aesthetically appealing business logos that are professional and polished so that it helps your business stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Easy-Click Offers Professional Graphic Design Services in Three Easy Steps

Easy-Click offers Graphic Design in these three steps: design, layout, and the color of type, space or an image that establishes your company’s online presence through different social medias. Any one can design a logo or graphic with Microsoft Word, Paint, or even Power Point. However, a lot of us are clueless when it comes to how a graphic will look when it’s posted on a website or a brochure. Sometimes an image can get pixelated, causing a fuzzy look on a website if used at a larger size than intended for. Easy-Click uses a special design software that requires sizing manipulation that is compatible with all online mediums without ever having that unclear fuzzy look.

Types of Images Used by Easy-Click Graphic Design
There are two types of images used in graphic design called vector or raster images. Depending on what medium you’re using the image for, the process will depend on how the image is created and what software to use to create the image. For example, if you are creating an image for a poster, flier, logo, or anything that will be printed, vector images are appropriate for printing jobs because the image can be modified for any size. Vector images can be created in programs such as Illustrator.
Raster images are created in programs such as Photoshop for web design or editing photographs.

Easy-Click Graphic Design Offers up to Three Revisions

So if you need a company logo or graphic to be created for your website, Easy-Click offers three revisions with each project. So if you don’t like what we have created in the first draft, you get a chance to give your feedback, and we will make up to two more revisions, which totals three revisions for one graphic image. The final graphic includes full resolution image of any format that is requested.
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